External Plastering

At Nolan Plastering our years of experience make us experts in all aspects of plastering, including external plastering work such as Dry Dashing, Wet Dashing, Knapp Finishes, Coin Work and Tyralene. 


Dry Dashing

These are dry coloured stones added to a render background, stones and render can come in a variety of colours and finishes. This is the best low maintenance finish as it does not need to be painted.

Wet Dashing

This is a wet mixture of limestone and sand and cement on top of 2 coats of sand and cement. This finish may require paining and maintenance.

Sand & Cement Finish

This is a 2 coat finish scratch coat and sponge finish coat. It is a flat finish.

Knapp Finish

This is a 2 coat rough sand and cement finish.

Coin Work

This is a border finish to sand and cement.


This is a rough finish that is applied to a flat sand and cement finish it comes in a range of colours.